Welcome Amber To Byron Bay!

Naturopath / Acupuncturist / Nutritionist Amber Shadlow

Naturopath / Acupuncturist / Nutritionist Amber Shadlow

Welcome Amber to Discover Chiropractic Byron Bay

We are excited to announce that Amber Shadlow Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist has joined our team this January. At this stage she is available all day on Mondays.

Amber enjoys treating all aspects of health but is particularly passionate about women’s health, digestion and mental wellbeing, as well as anti-ageing and preventative medicine and wellness.

She considers herself a health detective, investigating the reasons behind the absence of health in her clients and finding the best method to remedy them. Making you feel better is her number one priority whilst working on a solution to the issue. 

She is passionate about empowering her clients to live to their fullest potential though education and support. Balance is paramount in her practice, which uses a combination of both evidence based science and the wisdom of nature.

50% Off Until The End Of February!

As an introductory offer, Amber would like to offer $40 acupuncture treatments until the end of February 2018. That’s a massive 50% off! If you are suffering with pain, menstrual irregularities, allergies or insomnia, now is the time to reserve your appointment.

Amber can be contacted on: 0401 656 100

More information can be found on Amber’s Facebook Page

MHSc. (Acu), B Hsc (Nat), B Hsc (Nut), B Bus (HRM), AHPRA member, NHAA member 


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