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Keep Active As You Age

Stay Active & Keep Moving

Staying physically active is the single most important thing we can do to stay well and independent. When asked what they consider to be major factors in maintaining a good quality of life as they grow older, people rank living independently and remaining active right at the top. However to achieve this it is vital […]

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Surfing and Chiropractic

Surfing & Chiropractic

Surfing and Chiropractic Living in the beautiful Northern Rivers, it is impossible to ignore the sparkling blue ocean that we all see every day. And of course, surfing and searching for the perfect wave is all part of our existence. It’s no secret that one of the most popular sports in the Northern Rivers is […]

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Wellness & Chiropractic

Wellness & Chiropractic  Wellness 7 Ways Good health is your natural state. You body has the ability to provide you with good health, however, there are some essential elements in life that make that job easier for your body. Your life should be long and full of happiness, excitement, fulfilment and joy.  But sometimes these […]

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Postural fitness

Improving Postural Fitness

Lets Get Back to Our Best by Improving Postural Fitness: Postural fitness helps you lead an optimal lifestyle, which will help to reduce muscle fatigue, muscle spasm and improve postural endurance. Postural fitness can prevent problems that may occur in your muscles and joint ligaments. Postural fitness can help prevent injuries. Overall, postural fitness improves […]

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Pain From Whiplash

Whiplash & Chiropractic

Whiplash is a relatively common injury that occurs to a person’s neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration force. Whiplash is the term used to describe hyperflexion and hyperextension of the neck or cervical spine. The number of whiplash injuries has risen sharply due to rear-end motor vehicle collisions and is one of the most common nonfatal […]

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Forget Pills & Fad Diets

Forget Pills & fad diets for weight loss. Rather, Chiropractor Margaret Tay suggests taking a more holistic lifestyle change which will ultimately result in a happier, healthier and leaner you. Too often patients inform me of their current diet fad, from the Lemon Diet, the no-chocolate approach, the protein shake-only until lunchtime or the the […]

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