Private Yoga Session

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Chiropractic

private yoga session

Treat yourself to a tailor-made private yoga session, with yoga practitioner Robyn Saurine, the founder of Humane Yoga.

Robyn is dedicated to helping patients discover, nurture and nourish the deep connection between mind, body and spirit.

Already a certified yoga teacher and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Robyn is currently continuing her studies with Yoga Medicine to become a qualified Yoga Therapist.

“Yoga is about harmony between our physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Listening to your body and inner-self in key. This is your best guide to finding your bliss, not only in Yoga, but in your life.”

– Humane Yoga founder, Robyn Saurine.

Your first session will be 90-minutes. This will include a health and fitness assessment.

This will form the basis of developing a Yoga practice perfectly suited to meet your needs and goals.

Our Private classeses are perfect for

  • Injury recovery
  • Pre-natal exercise
  • Post-natal exercise
  • Anyone interested in developing a regular Yoga practice
  • For building endurance and flexibility.


The private classes are held in our dedicated yoga space in the Ballina clinic, in airconditioned comfort.


Initial session 1:1 is 1 hour and is $130
Follow up Sessions start at $55 per person for a 1:1
Group session by request (up to 3 people).

To reserve a time please click the link:

Classes are available with Robyn at other Northern Rivers venues. Online yoga classes start at $80 for one hour. More can be found at Humane Yoga.