Chiropractic Travel Pillows

by | Dec 8, 2013 | Chiropractic


Travel Well With A Chiropractic Travel Pillow

“Sleep-Away Travel Pillow”

The Perfect Travel Pillow For All Occasions

I have personally used these great pillows and I love them!

We originally started to stock these wonderful little gems because Dr Chen Tay (Chiropractor) needed a great supportive neck pillow while traveling and working as a Chiropractic locum.

And of course, we needed something that was light, flexible and that would retain its shape after being squished up inside a suitcase.

I have used the Chiropractic Travel Pillow when staying at friends and family’s houses, and more recently while camping at The Gorge near Grafton.

(That is where this beautiful panoramic shot was taken.) Honestly, I can say that with these great pillows, I wake up feeling fresh, with no neck soreness even after sleeping on a self-inflating camping bed.

What a revelation! I can look after the wellbeing on my spine where ever I am.

More About The Pillows

  • The pillows come in a small 40 X 26 X 10cm size.
  • Available in luxurious Memoryfoam, or premium-grade traditional foam.
  • Mild contour encourages the spine’s natural alignment.
  • Compacts for portability, yet holds its shape.
  • Light weight to travel with.
  • Removable cover in poly-cotton fabric
  • Additional covers are available in easy clean bacterial resistant (hospital grade) Steri-plus.

Memoryfoam is quite literally a space age viscoelastic material developed by NASA to help diffuse gravity forces to its astronauts.

It is pliable and has excellent pressure-disperson properties. It is temperature sensitive and softens to some degree when it contact with body warmth.

It moulds to your shape, and minimizes pressure points by distributing weight more evenly.

And The Price?

  • Memory Foam: $50
  • Premium Foam: $40

Drop in to either Discover Chiropractic Ballina or Discover Chiropractic Byron Bay to pick up an essential item for your next trip.