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Mission Statement

We, at Discover Chiropractic Centre, have a moral responsibility to educate and inspire as many people and families towards optimal health and wellness through natural chiropractic care.

We will accomplish this as each one of us grows through contribution of our services, love of our practice members and celebration of our personal achievements.

We will serve the best interests of all those who seek us as an integral part of their health care and family’s well-being.

We will accomplish our mission by being a dedicated, passionate and energetic team and through becoming courageous leaders and better communicators.

We will help improve lives with healthy spines and share the chiropractic message with family, friends and all others who wish to learn and grow with us.

We will change any objectives or goals that no longer meet these requirements to ones that do. We understand this is a never ending process.

This is the Discover Chiropractic Way and we are committed to it.