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DDC-Heel-lifts Heel Lifts for addressing the cause, not just the symptoms.

At Discover Chiropractic we have carefully selected the highest quality heel lift available.

Our heel lifts are specially designed for maximum comfort in the shoe, with features like extended length, rounded edges, and firm support to avoid heel rubbing.

We stock a range of different size and widths of heel lifts, to better accommodate your specific needs.We have chosen a product that utilises top quality materials and manufacturing processes.

As an example, the manufacturer uses injection-molded for the solid vinyl heel lifts, rather than poured and cast.

This precision molding process ensures uniform thickness, a more comfortable shape, and no voids, for a higher quality shoe lift in all respects.

The measurements used for each heel lift are uniform, and reflect the true height added by a heel lift; measured where the center of the heel rests, not at the back edge.

Heel lift products are in use for a wide variety of therapeutic needs, including low back pain, associated with leg length differences or short leg syndrome, Achilles’ tendon pain and inflammation, post-surgical and post-stroke rehabilitation, prosthetic adjustment, osteoarthritis of the medial knee, heel spurs, plantar fascitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and in sports such as running and golf.

To Our Patients, Their Families and Friend

Our office, Discover Chiropractic Centre, takes great pride in providing the best care available for those suffering from Leg length inequality and associated back pain.

We welcome your referrals to our office for cases of those with this problem. You have our pledge that we will do everything possible to help those patients whom you refer to us.