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Products utilized at Discover Chiropractic Centre provide a broad range of diversity in order to better aid you on the road to health.

This may include products such as nutritional supplements, reference books, medical aids, exercise equipment and tractioning aids.


Traction Equipment:

Denneroll Orthotic Devices

  • Denneroll

Cervical & Lumbar Posture Pump

Cervical Remodelling Colar

Nutritional Products

Metagenics Nutritional Products

Supplementary Products

Heel Lifts for leg length inequality

Chiropractic Pillows: Available in small, medium and large, with a fitting by a Chiropractor.

Ice Pack

Low Back Supports

Books & DVD Products

Changing Habits, Changing Livesby Cyndi O’Meara

Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cook Book by Cyndi O’Meara