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Naturelle Luxurious Pillow

Naturelle Luxurious Pillow

Now in 3 superb versions and contoured to encourage the natural alignment of the spine.



Luxurious pillow in sumptuously soft natural latex. Superb quality and gently contoured to support your neck and cradle your head in comfort.


This pillow will not sag or lose its shape with use. Latex also contains natural anti-bacterial properties for a more healthier sleep.


Sumptuously soft and wonderfully supportive.


For your convenience, Discover Chiropractic Centre keeps this superb Naturelle range of latex pillows.


Produced from the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis, the resultant pillow has gorgeous cushioning ‘fee’ which supports the head and neck evenly to encourage the natural alignment of your spine during sleep.


The pillow has been therapeutically designed to gently cushion the head and cradle the neck, so its a great help for those patient with neck pain.


Special core construction – it ‘beathes’, no sweat!


Hundreds of tiny cores have been created to allow air to flow for a more hygienic sleep environment. These cores, averaging half a centimetre wide, also enhance the pillow’s luxurious feel.


Pure latex foam from the rubber tree – naturally!


One week of daily harvesting from 30 rubber trees produces enough latex for just one pillow. Latex is a renewable and sustainable resource.


The latex used in Naturelle is non-toxic and contaminant free, its natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, and it provides an inhospitable environment for dust mites.


No chemicals are needed to stabilise the rubber.


At your next appointment (or if not a patient we cordially invite you to call into our clinic), come and view and discuss this luxurious pillow with our staff.


Please note that Naturelle in not available through department or bedding stores.


Low Profile:


Specially designed to support and comfort children from 5 years, and adult back sleepers.
Height: 10.5 cm (4.1″) high side, 9.5 cm (3.7 “) low side.
Length: 58 cm (22.8″) | Width: 38 cm (15”)


Medium Profile:


Suits average physique and for those who like a mid to low pillow;
Height: 12 cm (4.7″) high side, 10.5 cm (4.1″) low side.
Length: 58 cm (22.8″) | Width: 38 cm (15″)


High Profile:


Suits side sleeping, broader shouldered physiques,
and for those of average physique who like a higher pillow.
Height: 14.5 cm (5.7″) high side, 13 cm (5.1″) low side.
Length: 58 cm (22.8″) | Width: 38 cm (15″)


All versions now come in a pure cotton jersey inner cover, and a luxury zip off over cover Fits standard pillow cases.